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Turn Your Idea into a Working App with this Filipino Startup!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Ever had an idea for a mobile application that you think will either solve the world’s biggest problems or will make you into a multi-billionaire like Facebook’s Zuckerberg or Uber’s Kalanick?

Most of us have those ideas, but unfortunately, not everyone has training in mobile app development. It takes years of education to become a skilled programmer and it's very costly to hire a whole development team. Freelance services are also very expensive, with an added downside of your programmer being not fully committed to your venture.

Kezar Atlas Technologies, a mobile application development company based in the Philippines, are partnering with aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into working mobile application with their new project called “StartAppNowPayLater.

The project currently offers the best financing options for a new venture: their payments start after development and can be paid for as long as 5 years!

“As startup founders ourselves, we understand that there is a chicken and egg problem in starting a startup: You don’t have the technology because you need investments, and you don’t have investments because you can’t show your tech” Kezar CEO Edward Solicito said.

Kezar Innovations has developed and launched multiple mobile applications, with Trakaro: Sustainable Travels being their flagship mobile app. Trakaro is a national finalist for the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2019.

“Through the StartAppNowPayLater program, Kezar Atlas can assist with the technology development, making sure that the idea takes off!” He added.

To qualify for the program, startups only need to present the Kezar Atlas team with a mockup of their mobile application together with a letter of intent explaining how their mobile application idea will impact the ASEAN ecosystem. Startups can send those requirements to

Solicito explained that the startups will own all the intellectual property of their mobile application and that confidentiality is in the center of all of Atlas’ interactions.

“We see a future where all startup ideas will see the light of day, who knows… maybe the next Facebook or Uber will be coming from Asia. It is very possible” Solicito said.

Kezar Atlas is part of the Kezar Innovations Group of Startups.

Contact Kezar Atlas now by sending them an email to



Kezar Innovations Pte. Ltd. is a Filipino startup development firm that transforms innovative ideas into profitable businesses through its strong network of innovators, designers, engineers, businessmen, and investors.

Kezar Innovations was founded by graduates of Asian Institute of Management’s Master of Science in Innovation and Business program and was incorporated in Singapore on March 26, 2018.


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