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Filipino Toy Startup Partners with Kezar3D and Kezar Delta for Future Innovatours

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

StudyPlay's Educational Toys; AirDoodle, BopBugz, and SnapTek

On July 26th, 2019 StudyPlay launched Future InnovaTours and held its first-ever school tour in Tanauan, Batangas. Future InnovaTours is an initiative towards equipping children for early development in the search of creativity and innovation.

With Future InnovaTours, StudyPlay partners with the Philippines’ largest 3D printing startup, Kezar3D, and Kezar Delta. Kezar Delta seeks to be the country’s largest network of students, organizations, and institutions inclined towards innovation and technology. The partnership between these parties will enable students, engineers, designers, and the like to optimize StudyPlay’s and Kezar3D’s products and services at exclusive rates.

StudyPlay is one of the few educational toy startups in the Philippines. StudyPlay focuses on creating, designing, and distributing educational and entertaining products, specifically for the Filipino market, seamlessly integrating learning thru playing. In a year, the startup was able to design and release 5 lines of different toys - for various age brackets. The AirDoodle, accompanied by the DoodleFilaments, is the debut product of the startup - allowing kids aged 6 and above to learn about the wonders of 3D printing tech with a handheld toy. BopBugz is a motion-sensor hyper-interactive gadget for toddlers aged 3 and above. SnapTek, the most recently launched toy, is a DIY electronics and circuits kit for kids above the age of 5.

Lara learning thru play with the newly released SnapTek

StudyPlay, in partnership with Kezar3D, released 2 fully 3D-printed toys, DinoBones and Blocky. DinoBones is a custom 3D puzzle of a Dinosaur’s skeleton to help kids learn about prehistoric creatures and to crank their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Blocky is a 3D-printed block that transforms into a robot.

StudyPlay’s partnership with Kezar3D and Kezar Delta envisions to bring out the untapped innovator in students, engineers, and hobbyists alike. Kezar3D had recently raised over a whopping 9 Million Pesos for their seed funding to get the ball rolling on a nationwide play to make 3D printing services and tech accessible. Kezar Delta allows students to avail of 3D-printing services and educational toys thanks to the exclusive partnership of StudyPlay and Kezar3D. Kezar Delta motivates students and organizations to onboard and signup for the network with an incentive of 20% off of any 3D-printed product or service of Kezar3D, as well as a 10% discount for StudyPlay Toys. Kezar Delta is working towards bringing more organizations and institutions together. One should only expect an increase of interest in STEM and creative courses and programs in the coming years.

StudyPlay's Future InnovaTours provide as an avenue for kids to connect over their love for science, and to learn and experience how each individual toy works. This project and initiative by the startups acknowledge and seek to address the importance of children communicating and expressing themselves freely through creative toys designed specifically for the Filipino youth.


StudyPlay is an Educational and Entertainment Toy Company that offers products such as easy-to-build robotics kits, 3D printing gadgets, and learning software that are highly engaging and seamlessly integrates learning through play. Studyplay was conceived and developed by its founders while studying at the Asian Institute of Management as part of the pioneer batch of the Master of Science in Innovation and Business program.

Kezar Delta is the country's largest network of students, organizations, and institutions inclined towards innovation and technology. Kezar Delta allots Kezar Delta Stars for rewards points as the members of the network get exclusive discounts and special offers with the Kezar Innovations group of companies and partners.

Kezar3D is currently South Luzon's largest 3D printing startup. The startup provides rapid prototyping, 3D design, and printing services for students, hobbyists, companies, organizations, and the like. Kezar3D aims to democratize 3D printing in the local communities of the Philippines and to make 3D printing more accessible nationwide.


Kezar Innovations Pte. Ltd

Katherine Chua

Chief Operating Officer

+63 917 803 7037

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