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Filipino 3D Printing startup reaches ROI, returns 120% in just 7 months

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The Kezar Innovations team showcasing 3D printing technology at the WOCEE event at the World Trade Center
The Kezar Innovations team showcasing 3D printing technology at the WOCEE event at the World Trade Center

January 18, 2019 - Kezar3D, the 3D printing services startup under Kezar Innovations, has been in operations since April 2018. By November of the same year, a mere 7 months, it has already achieved ROI, returning about 120% to its investors.

The startup was able to achieve the ROI milestone due to the high demand in 3D printing services and the rollout of the company’s most popular product: the 3D Memory.

Kezar3D’s investors had the following to say about the achievement and the company;

“In just around half a year, Kezar3D is already providing their commitment to their investors; we are already receiving the ROI and there is nowhere to go but up. Continue serving more start-ups, students, and innovators alike in converting revolutionary ideas into 3D reality!“

Vryxon Del Valle, Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines Awardee

Kezar3D Investor

Kezar3D products
Kezar3D products

Kezar3D’s pool of investors is very diverse, consisting of students, young entrepreneurs, businessmen, engineers, and even retired seniors.

“Investment is about trusting a specific company or brand, and in our case, we (me and my wife) trusted Kezar Innovations. We started with Kezar3D and we got amazing results. We’re still investing in other brands such as StudyPlay and Atlas. And in Kezar Innovations, we know for a fact that our funds are in good heads, hands and hearts.”

Engr. Felix Veroya, Managing Consultant at Ask Lex PH Academy

Kezar3D Investor

“Kezar3D proved to be a viable investment, they have gained my trust and I will definitely want to be first on the next round of investments. The investment return took less than the expected period of other companies that I’ve invested in.”

Jon De Omaña, Masters of Science in Innovation and Business Graduate 2017

Kezar3D Investor

Kezar3D aims to make 3D printing technology and services accessible to Filipinos with low prices and delivery nationwide. It is currently the largest 3D printing startup in South Luzon, and it aims to become the biggest in the Philippines this 2019.

Kezar3D’s most popular products, such as the 3DMemory, also now available on Shopee, just visit! Step up your gift and souvenir ideas with the 3D-printed version of your most treasured moments which are perfect for different occasions; or if you're feeling a little extra, you can just go grab one for your personal collection.

For any inquiries for 3D printing products, services and concerns, feel free to email



Kezar3D is currently South Luzon's largest 3D printing startup. We provide rapid prototyping, 3D design and printing services for students, hobbyists, companies, organizations, and the like. Kezar3D aims to democratize 3D printing in the local communities of the Philippines and to make 3D printing more accessible nationwide.

Kezar Innovations Pte. Ltd. is a Filipino design and development firm that transforms innovative ideas into profitable businesses through its strong network of innovators, designers, engineers, businessmen, and investors. Kezar Innovations was founded by graduates of Asian Institute of Management’s Master of Science in Innovation and Business program and was incorporated in Singapore on March 26, 2018.


Kezar Innovations Pte. Ltd

Katherine Chua

Chief Operating Officer

+63 917 803 7037

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