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Kezar3D Launches Online Store and New Lines of Products

Kezar3D v2.0 has arrived! Kezar Philippines’ 3D printing and prototyping brand has proudly launched its online store, accompanied by its new lines of products.

Since 2018, Kezar3D has been a brand that introduces and makes 3D printing accessible to the Filipino community. Now, the brand introduces itself again with the warm familiarity of everyday items, personalized gifts, and basic essentials through 3D Printing technology!

The Kezar3D team ended July of 2020 with a bang as they announced the exciting news on their new official Facebook page. Customers, from students to hobbyists to engineers and designers, can now address all of their 3D printing needs in one store - the Kezar3D Online! Kezar3D Online sets itself to be the go-to online store for affordable and quality 3D printed products and 3D printing services in the Philippines.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Kezar3D has introduced a couple of products to offer. First of the product lines, is the New Normal Essentials which features products such as face shields, touch tools, and ear savers, that are helpful to protect ourselves from getting the coronavirus. These are the same tools that Kezar Philippines Team, along with our sponsors, donors, and partner organizations, provided for many of our frontliners in need, at the beginning of the pandemic.

Second, there’s the Stay At Home Collection which features personal home products such as planters and baking tools, to keep everyone in a productive and healthy mental state by keeping busy all while staying safe at home. It’s no surprise that breathing in the fresh air and seeing greenery around our living space can calm us down, prop up those plants with a 3D printed planter of your choice! Kezar3D also supports and encourages home bakers to proof their bread with a 3D printed banneton made of food-safe PLA plastic!

Of course, Third and lastly, Kezar3D Online wouldn’t be complete without its best-selling product - the 3DMemory, a 3D printed etch of an image, the perfect personalized gift, and a souvenir for special occasions. In addition to the existing 3DMemory collection, the Filipino startup has introduced a unique twist, a 3DMemory Lamp. The 3DMemory Lamp is a 3D printed lamp with built-in light, inclusive of a personalized 4 pc-set of 3DMemory. Ordering 3DMemory products are faster and easier than ever with Kezar3D Online. Customers can just upload their images thru the website, add their products to cart, and checkout.

Through Kezar3D Online, customers can also easily avail or inquire of 3D Modeling and Design Services, and 3D Printing Services, just by going to the Services Page of the website.

In celebration of Kezar3D’s Online Launch, a sale up to 20% discount on selected items until August 17, and an additional Php 250 OFF is being offered when subscribed to Kezar3D’s newsletter.

Let today be the start of something new. Enter the world of endless possibilities thru 3D printing and visit Kezar3D Online now at!



Kezar3D is currently South Luzon's largest 3D printing startup. The startup provides rapid prototyping, 3D design, and printing services for students, hobbyists, companies, organizations, and the like. Kezar3D aims to democratize 3D printing in the local communities of the Philippines and to make 3D printing more accessible nationwide.


Kezar Philippines Inc.

Jo Anne Paril

Chief Marketing Officer

+63 905 449 1176

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