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Kezar Innovations incorporates 5th Startup in SG: Kezar3D

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

SINGAPORE, June 2019 - Kezar3D Pte. Ltd. was successfully incorporated on June 24, 2019.

The Kezar Innovations group proves a force to be reckoned with as they headed to Singapore in order to incorporate their 5th business entity underneath the banner.

In March 2018, the Kezar Innovations brand established its presence in Singapore, followed by incorporating its first startup, Trakaro Pte. Ltd. in December the same year. Barely a month afterward, the group incorporated StudyPlay Pte. Ltd. and Kezar Atlas Technologies Pte. Ltd. on the day of January 28th, 2019.

As of June, the Kezar Innovations group has incorporated all of their operating startups in Singapore together with Kezar3D Pte. Ltd.

Kezar3D Pte. Ltd. is the Philippine's largest 3D printing startup that had just announced their plan to rollout 3D printing kiosks nationwide, all in order to reach their goal of making 3D printing accessible to all Filipinos.

The Kezar Innovations team showcases the Kezar3D kiosks for nationwide rollout (From Left to Right: Terry Farris; Mentor, Jo Paril; Director of Sales, Paul Galacan; CFO, Edward Solicito; CEO, Kat Chua; COO)

Kezar3D Pte. Ltd. first made its mark in the Philippines as it set up the largest 3D printing facility in South Luzon, one of the largest in the whole country. With Kezar3D holding their own facility, they were able to lower the cost of commercial 3D prints to just a fourth of the current market. With the Kezar3D kiosks prepared for a nationwide rollout, they are equipping everyone with access to 3D printing services and technology.

The startup had already been operating for about a year in the Philippines, catering to engineers, innovators, and technopreneurs alike. Kezar3D flew beyond expectations as they were one of the few startups that proved to be profitable within its first year of operations. The startup was able to rake in an ROI back in November of 2018, just 7 months from its initial launch. Kezar3D Pte. Ltd. was born to address the needs and access to hardware prototyping and additive manufacturing.

The 3D printing startup is the pièce de résistance to the Kezar Banner, creating an ecosystem for all types of innovators and technopreneurs that seek to pursue their ideas and businesses in the Philippines. With Kezar3D, prototyping hardware products brings engineers, and innovators alike, one step closer to building their own product or startup.



Kezar Innovations Pte. Ltd. is a Filipino startup development firm that transforms innovative ideas into profitable businesses through its strong network of innovators, designers, engineers, businessmen, and investors. Kezar Innovations was founded by graduates of Asian Institute of Management’s Master of Science in Innovation and Business program and was incorporated in Singapore on March 26, 2018.


Kezar Innovations Pte. Ltd

Katherine Chua

Chief Operating Officer

+63 917 803 7037

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