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Filipino Startup, Kezar3D, secures Php7.63M worth of seed funding in a week

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The Kezar Innovations team, presenting the Kezar3D kiosk for nationwide rollout (From Left to Right: Terry Farris; Mentor, Jo Paril; Director of Sales, Paul Galacan; CFO, Edward Solicito; CEO, Kat Chua; COO)

Manila, April 2019 - Kezar3D, having just celebrated their 1 year anniversary, paves way to accessible 3D printing technology through branching out kiosks nationwide.

Kezar3D announced open funding round on April 6th. This young and booming startup secured Php 7,630,000 worth of seed investments in less than one week. Much can be said about this startup, defying all expectations from their humble beginning as they first achieved ROI in a mere 7 months of operations, to setting up shop across the country with Kezar3D Kiosks. Kezar3D’s performance led the startup to have a valuation of Php 61,935,216.

The startup opened its seed round for investments in order to further its goal of making 3D printing accessible in the Philippines. The path seems bright for this Filipino startup, as they build, or rather 3D print, their way to success.

The startup was conceptualized by co-founders Edward Solicito and Paul Galacan. The duo began to see the demand through the first-hand experience as their prototypes called for 3D printing resources. Their 3D printing started had already caught the eye of multiple stakeholders, students, hobbyists, industrial designers, and innovators alike, bringing forward the opportunity to provide prototyping technology that is more accessible for the public.

What makes Kezar3D so different from other 3D printing companies or services? Solicito concluded that Kezar3D is one of their most innovative, successful, and impactful startups under their banner.

“We have created a business that allowed us to provide services one fourth of the cost of what is in the market before we entered. We are the brand that really made 3D printing accessible. “

Edward Solicito, Co-Founder and CEO, explains the importance of 3D printing on ABS-CBN News Channel

In present, it is undeniable that there is a movement towards innovative and digital transformation, with Kezar3D, the first phase begins. By creating a goal towards establishing a Filipino brand for 3D printing and rapid prototyping, it is evident that Kezar3D is cleary paving way for a more tech-adept environment for the Philippines.

The traction and support behind this movement are evident with their seemingly never-ending achievements and their pool of eager angel investors for whatever this group has up their sleeves.



Kezar Innovations Pte. Ltd. is a Filipino startup development firm that transforms innovative ideas into profitable businesses through its strong network of innovators, designers, engineers, businessmen, and investors. Kezar Innovations was founded by graduates of Asian Institute of Management’s Master of Science in Innovation and Business program and was incorporated in Singapore on March 26, 2018.


Kezar Innovations Pte. Ltd

Katherine Chua

Chief Operating Officer

+63 917 803 7037

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