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Filipino Startup, Kezar Innovations, Doubles Up with New Talent

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Batangas, July 2019 - Establishing a startup in the Philippines is no easy feat, and neither is growing one. It is said that nine out of ten startups, on average, tend to fail within their first year. Many startups have been accustomed, by nature, to fail fast and pivot, or to leap into obscurity before being able to even establish their company.

Paul Galacan, Kezar’s CFO and Co-Founder, stated the importance of the team to achieve their goals.

“In our first year, we worked with only a team of 7 core members. For each and every one of them, I hold the utmost respect for how they handled working with Kezar. The work dynamic and mindset that we have directly effects the company. We’ve started-up, now it’s time we grow up by doubling up. ”

The Kezar Junior Management Team (Left to Right) Rolene De Leon, Ezra Panganiban, Deither Tapat, Lara Escol, Reymark Esponilla, Kel Matanguihan, Jesrael Cruz, and Christian Casalme

Kezar has since then “doubled-up” on their manpower by recruiting more members for the startup. This act has brought the team to a total of 15 people; including the announcement of a new Executive Director for Sales, Josh Vallejo. The additions to the team, as mentioned by Paul, will allow the startups to focus on their competencies, to continue scaling the business, and to grow the individual startups under the Kezar group.

8 months into operations, Kezar was poised to be one of the most influential startups in the Philippines by Judy Cordova, as it started disrupting multiple industries with digital transformation by Kezar Atlas, and by equipping other startups with whatever resources they may need, be it hardware or software prototyping. The starting team comprised a shy of 10 members.

The Kezar Team at the year 1 anniversary (Left to Right) Christian Casalme, Jon De Omaña (Consultant), Kat Chua, Jo Paril, Terry Farris (Mentor), Edward Solicito, Paul Galacan, Deither Tapat, Jesrael Cruz

With an initial team of just 7 core members, the Kezar group was able to rake in a total of 15.6 Million Pesos worth of investments, and a total valuation of 103 Million Pesos, a gigantic milestone for a group of 24-year-old fresh grads. Adding new talent to the mix allows the company to further disrupt the startup ecosystem of the Philippines. Sure enough, Kezar is living in exciting times as it tackles the technology and innovation gap in the Philippines. The call to expand and to double up on manpower should be seen alone from the various industries their startups cater to, the Kezar group is truly a force to be reckoned with as they continuously search for new opportunities.



Kezar Innovations Pte. Ltd. is a Filipino startup development firm that transforms innovative ideas into profitable businesses through its strong network of innovators, designers, engineers, businessmen, and investors. Kezar Innovations was founded by graduates of Asian Institute of Management’s Master of Science in Innovation and Business program and was incorporated in Singapore on March 26, 2018. Looking to join the company? Contact us directly.


Kezar Innovations Pte. Ltd

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Chief Operating Officer

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