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Filipina-led Startups Celebrate Women Empowerment Month #HerStory

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Left to right: Kat Chua (Kezar Innovations’s COO), Jo Anne Paril (Kezar Innovation’s Director of Sales), Ana De Guia (KHuSa’s CMO and Co-founder), Melissa Nava (1Export’s CEO and Founder), Nesty Tumbaga (Emerald District’s Co-Founder), and Yel Oropesa (IYU’s Founder)

More and more, women-led startups are starting to gain traction. A noticeable number of these startups have been accelerating in the last few years. In celebration of women empowerment month, Kezar Innovations partnered with multiple startups and organizations with women co-founders to motivate females to pursue their passions and ideas. These remarkable Filipina-led startups showcase Creating #HerStory.

Kids Who Save (KHuSa) is a social venture that aims to make financial literacy simple and accessible to Filipino children by designing fun and relevant experiences.

“My main motivation is our advocacy: to help as many Filipino children and families as possible become financially literate and, ultimately, to become financially free.”

Ana De Guia, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder

1Export is a platform that makes exporting easy and accessible by providing exporting solutions for compliance and market access so that small and medium enterprises can easily export to global markets.

“Seeing business owners have pride that the products they sell is no longer a local product, but a global one, changes how they do business and makes them more competitive.”

Melissa Nava, Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Left to Right: Chua, Nava, Oropesa, De Guia, Paril, and Tumbaga

Much can be said about women in startups, the female perspective allows these women to tackle problems and discussions differently. It is clear that the group of females exemplifies just that; from Autism, Export, Humanitarianism, Education, and to all-around innovation. These women are pursuing one issue and one problem at a time with their own innovative solution.

International Youth United (IYU) is a group of passionate young individuals catered to making a difference through Human Rights, Humanitarian Aid, and Peace and Justice.

“There are daily stories and encounters when you are in the service industry. Stories of people’s passion or pain, their successes and struggles… I use these stories as inspiration in crafting solutions to social issues that are both well-crafted and sustainable.”

Yel Oropesa, Executive Director Emeritus and Founder

Emerald District is a collaborative platform for practitioners and parents of people with autism. In the platform, they can upload their intervention plans, track the progress of the child or adult with autism, and collaborate with each other.

“I saw and felt the need for solutions focusing on autism. It's a condition that is rarely being talked about, hence only a few innovate. Given that we are given the skill to contribute, I have decided to take on the challenge of focusing our energy on developmental health. “

Nesty Tumbaga, Co-Founder

Left to Right: Tumbaga, Nava, Oropesa, De Guia, Paril, and Chua

Kezar Innovations, KHuSa, 1Export, IYU, and Emerald District are one of the few women-led startups that have been gaining recognition for their advocacies and their work. With female role models such as these women, it is evident that female leadership has been cultivated in the startup community.

Kezar Innovations’ Kat Chua and Jo Anne Paril launched “Creating #HerStory” in order to support these beautiful Filipina leaders and their organizations and to inspire other women to create their own stories for their own advocacies and ventures. Creating #HerStory Shirts are now available on for only Php 499 each. Support these female-led startups!



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