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Step up your gift and souvenir ideas with the 3D-printed version of your most treasured moments which are perfect for different occasions; or if you're feeling a little extra, you can just go grab one for your personal collection.

3D memory
square photo.jpg

A square photo of your moment.

3D Print.jpg

3D Printed Model of your photo.

3D Print3.jpg

Your moment seen on a 3D Memory using light.

3D Printing in the Philppines


1. Determine the quantity of your 3D memory and Kezar will provide how much you need to pay. FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE! Discounts are applicable for bulk orders.

2. Send your square photos to

3. Send a scan or photo of the Deposit Slip to

4.  Your 3D Memory will be printed!

5. Claim the 3D Print on our office or have it delivered to you! Full payment should be settled before claiming.

Kezar delta square.jpg

Get up to 20% discount on your 3D prints if you are a Kezar Delta Member!

Terms and Conditions Apply

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